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tive Region expressed f▓irm opposition on Wednesday to false and misleading repo▓rts about Hong Kong by some Western media outlets.A ▓spokesperson fo

r the office said in a statement that those reports accused police of stopping violence with ▓"ex

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cessive use of force" and whitewashed rioters' crime of setting an innocent citizen afire and their attempts to snatch guns from police officers.T


he spokesperson said tha▓t selective reports and comments by some Western media outlets in Hong Kong have grossly distorted the truth.The spokesperson urged those Western media sources to i▓mmediately stop distorting the truth and pouring fuel on the fire in Hong Kong. Otherwise, they would only be condemned by all fair-minded people, including 1.4 billion Chinese.Please scan the Q

R Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatChina and Thailand on Tuesday pledged to▓ expand cooperation in various areas and work togethe▓r to facilitate trade and investment to boost regional ▓connectivity and build a more open world economy.China▓, Thailand agree to advance ties, jointly promote regio▓nal connectivityChina, Thailand agree to advance ties, jointly promote regional connectivity11-06-2019 09:53 BJTBANGKOK, Nov. 5 -- China and Thailand on

Tuesday pledged to expand cooperation in various areas and work togethe▓r to facilitate t

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rade and investment to boost regional▓ connectivity and build a more open world economy.▓In a joint press statement released during Chinese P▓remie


r Li Keqiang's official visit to the Southeast Asian country, the two sides also agreed on closer cooperation and coordination in various multilateral platforms▓ to address growing protectionism.China and Thailand agreed▓ to respect each other's development path, share ex▓periences and best practices in national governance, and understand and support each other's core interests and major concerns.The two sides said they welcome closer engage▓ments and support more frequent exchanges between the t▓wo countries' government agencies, legislative bodies▓, political parties, armed forces and local authorities.The two countries, which enjoy a comprehensi

ve strategic cooperative partnership, highlighted in the statement the significance of economic and infrastructure ▓cooperation in enhancing growth and prosperity of the▓ two countries, the sub-region and the region as a whole.According to the statement, the two sides agreed to build the China-Thailand railway into a successful ▓example in bilateral cooperation within the Belt and Road ▓Initiative (BRI) framework, and vowed to speed up th▓e implementation of the railway project connecting

Thailand's Nong Khai and Laos' Vientiane, and increase railway connections among the

three countries.Meanwhile, they agreed to further facilitate bilateral trade and expand cooperat▓io

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n in agricultural trade and e-commerce, and pledged to st▓rengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in such sectors▓ as next-generation automobile, hi-tech medical equi▓pment, new energy, energy-saving vehicles and rubber.In the statement, the two sides agreed to boost bilateral cooperation between China's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Ba

Hon▓g Kong

y Area and Thailand's Eastern Economic Cor▓ridor (EEC), so as to incr

ease connectivity between the▓ two areas and beyond.The two s

ides also pledged to stre▓ngthen financ

ial cooperation, expand the us

University of Science and Tech nology said that c lasses wil l be conducted online st arting next week until the e nd of the current term , given the esca lation of unre st.Hong▓ Kong Bapti st University anno unced a similar on line learn ing arrangement at t he same time in view o f potential disrupti ons to campus services due to the ongoing civil un rest.T▓he Commissione 大新县wap 延吉市5G 桦甸市5G 河西区5G 宁津县5G 灵石县5G 砚山县5G 湘潭县wap 余干县wap 安仁县wap 台江县5G 天等县wap 东山县5G 廉江市5G 寿阳县5G 思茅市wap 临高县wap 大安市wap 安义县5G 苏尼特左旗5G 手机可以玩传奇私服吗 网通新开传奇私服网站 复古传奇私服发布站 现在开传奇私服赚钱吗 手机电脑传奇私服 传奇私服召唤英雄补丁 三职业传奇私服网站 3000ok新开网通传奇私服 好玩的手机传奇私服 传奇私服服务器架设